Fall League: This is an opportunity for the boys to get instruction through drills and still have an opportunity to play games against like competition prior to tryouts.  This is for the more experienced players. Generally those in or entering high school with experience playing volleyball.  A typical session would include an hour of skill development through drills and an hour of competition in either a kings format, 4 on 4 or 6 on 6 play.  Fall league is run by Phoenix and local High School coaches.

BIVL: PHOENIX is proud to announce it is joining the Cleveland Boys Instructional Volleyball League. This league is made up of those boys just beginning or with just a season or 2 of volleyball experience.  The league is heavy on skill and technique development through fundamentals instruction and drills.  But there is also plenty of time for game play.  The league is for players from 4-8th grade and is intended to teach the boys the basic skill and enjoyment of the game of volleyball in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The league is instructed by Phoenix and local High School coaches.  

What is BIVL?

What is Fall League?